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We help you better communicate your big idea to your community! Explainer videos instruct, inform and entertain.

We solve your explanation problems. We help you explain what makes you so special!

Your business is online. You've got great copy on your site. And, you know you need video! You can sense it. Your customers are asking, "Where's the video?" Your search engine optimization (SEO) team is demanding video. Now is the right time for video to enhance your online presence!

Your Brand, Your Story Deserves Video!

We Produce Your Videos

We take your ideas and turn them into videos that inform your buyers about the benefits of your unique products and services.

Our instructional videos train your customers how to use your products, services, software, or apps.

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  • Video's Competitive Edge:
    • Video personally engages your customers with your products.
    • Video dramatically improves your SEO.
    • Video significantly increases your conversion rates.
    • Video appreciably reduces customer support costs.
    • Screencast Videos: Teach, Train and Sell.

What Are Screencasts?

I'm often asked "What Are Screencasts?" and "What can Screencasts do for my business?"

  • Top Five Benefits of Screencast How-To Videos
    • You can learn at your own pace.
    • You can review what you want to review.
    • You don't have to fly around the country for training.
    • You can follow along while doing the task you are learning.
    • The content is consistent for everyone who takes the course.

Introducing Staff Members Screencasts: Wheat Marketing Center

Screencasts Teach: The Wheat Marketing Center in Portland, Oregon redesigned their Web presence, including reaching out to their Web visitors with a series of video introductions of their staff. Videos bring a sense of personal connection.

Client Software Demonstration Screencast: OI Software Limited

I'm so very grateful to our great client, OI Software, based in the UK, for giving me permission to share their screencast with you. This one is also on my public Web site. Their CEO shared some very kind words about me; you can read what he said in the right sidebar!

Screencasts Sell: In this project, my client wanted to convey to his prospective clients their UK character, so their CEO recorded and provided the voice-over for their screencasts. I brought together their voice-over audio recording, graphics, screencast recordings of their software, edited all of the elements and produced the screencasts in Techsmith Camtasia Studio 7.1. I had great fun coaching them on recording techniques, storyboarding, and audio scripts.

Visit OI Software Limited to learn that nGage is a family of software tools and applications that maximize value from Microsoft SharePoint as the Business Collaboration platform for the Enterprise. This screencast video showcases their nGage Prime for Sharepoint 2010 product.

Sample Screencast Training Video: Microsoft Word 2007 Hanging Indents

Screencasts Train: I produced this screencast to help my business network, and my prospects see how a screencast can train customers. This is my voice helping you learn the fine points about hanging indents. After this screencast, I hope you'll be ready for a pop quiz!

Sample Screencast Training Video: How-To Embed Video In Your Website.

Screencasts Train: I produced this screencast to help one of my clients learn how to embed their screencasts onto their web pages. This is a good example of a screencast that can reduce helpdesk support costs.

Sample Screencast Training Video: Changing iPhone Screen Background Images

Screencasts Train: A friend asked me how to do this, and I couldn't remember until later. This is a good example how Help Desk teams can reply to customer questions! When customers master their mobile devices and the software on them, they spread the good word about the product to thier friends and colleagues. How cools is that!

Client Training Screencasts: Fios, Inc.

Screencasts Train & Reduce Costs: While on staff at Fios, Inc., based in Portland, Oregon, USA, I produced over 25 screencast videos to reduce help-desk costs by diverting "How-To" calls from clients. Their Electronic Discovery services include their Web-based Fios Prevail® application. You can sample my work at: Fios Prevail® Training -- Narrated Tutorials

Entertaining Screencasts: Poetry

Screencasts Can Be Fun: One of my hobbies is learning poetry and reciting them from my heart. This is The Man From Ironbark by A.B. "Banjo" Paterson (who wrote the original words to Waltzing Matilda). I used Audacity, an application available both for the Macintosh and Windows platforms, to record and edit my audio. View more of my poetry humble offerings at Rich's Poetry Recitation Playlist out on YouTube

RJW Consulting Core Approach

Rich's approach is embodied in something Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers) once said:

As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us really is,
that each of us has something that no one else has—
or ever will have—
something inside that is unique to all time.
It's our job to encourage each other to discover that uniqueness and to provide ways of developing its expression.
—Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers)

Updated: 22-Apr-2015

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Screencast Video: Definition

  • A screencast video is a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture, often containing audio narration.
    ~ Just as a screenshot is a picture of a user's screen, a screencast is essentially a movie of the changes over time that a user sees on his monitor.
    Source: Wikipedia

Client Testimonial:
Webucator, Inc.

  • I met Rich when trying to find a solution for my client for BaseCamp training.  From the beginning, Rich was super responsive to my questions and emails, and quickly came up with a customized solution for my client.  Rich is super professional, intelligent and his personality is very warm and welcoming.
  • What really impressed me the most about Rich, is his attention to detail and general concern for me and our clients.  It is not uncommon for Rich to go out of his way with a mailed thank you card, or an email that offers more guidance if needed.
  • Reneé Simo,
    Director of Sales & Customer Service, Webucator,
    a provider of Basecamp training

Client Testimonial:
OI Software, Ltd of the UK
Screencast Videos

  • As a small ISV, it's critical for our web site to be discovered by potential buyers. But it's just as important that visitors don't leave without internalising the essence of our value proposition. I was getting a lot of anecdotal evidence that video was becoming a preferred way of consuming information on that first visit. Initially, I thought DIY was the way forward. I mean, how hard can it be? A month later, I was looking for professional help.
  • I found RJW Consulting via a message I left on the Camtasia Users Group on LinkedIn. Rich was responsive and flexible and seemed genuinely keen to help us find a way forward with a limited budget.
  • He took time to help us scope the project and then coached us through what raw materials we needed to provide in terms of initial screen capture, script/story board and music. He then put it all together and, for both of the videos he produced, calmly endured 5 or 6 [collaborative] iterations until we were very happy with the outcome.
  • We have had good feedback on the videos from prospects and from our business partners and have every intention of working again with Rich to produce more in the future.
  • Paul Henry,
    CEO, OI Software Ltd,
    provider of Transformational Applications for SharePoint 2010 OISoftware.com
    The Sanderum Centre, 30a Upper High Street, Thame, OXON OX9 3EX United Kingdom